Friday, July 12, 2013

"Mission" July

So...2013 is supposed to be my "Year of Opportunity". [Every year gets a new theme with challenges to follow.] It has been more of a "challenge" as a whole instead of what I was thinking when I established the tone. But...I think life has finally been restored to as much "normal" as this girl can get...and...the opportunities have begun to come. I was originally planning to do some mission trips, but as much as I've tried, those haven't panned out. So...I turned my month of vacation into "Mission" July.

Not "missionary"...missional.

The goal...per my life intention to live as Abba's to improve, influence and impact as much as possible within my giftings or "can-do's".

I'm having an absolute BLAST!!

Some of it is individual with lots of time to think alongside my doings. Other projects are corporate. Community and it.'s to more!!!! Awesome!

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