Monday, July 29, 2013

Prayer Event Success

I'm totally convinced...yes, I am! Taking time to rest in Abba's presence is so core to everything else we do in the kingdom. Whether it's growth in intimacy with the Trinity and all of the freedom, healing and wholeness that can come with that...or whether it's release into mission-oriented living in bringing kingdom life wherever we go...taking time to rest and relax in and with Him is WORTH IT!!!

We did two prayer events this month using material from Graham Cooke (International House of Prayer) and various worship and instrumental songs for reflection...and God met people right where they were at!!!! Some enjoyed intentional time to rest in His presence and find more peace. Some heard words and had visions. Others received direction for forward movement.

I'm sold!! We will continue to do this!!!

Many, many thanks to those that helped. If anyone is interested in helping with future events, say the word!! :) And if you have ideas or suggestions, please do so!

Oh!!!...and this is totally open to anyone from anywhere! No obligation...just welcome invitation. Unity in the body of's how we roll.  :)

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