Monday, February 24, 2014

God is Awesome! Judgmental People Suck!

Hehe...maybe worded a bit strongly, but I felt the picture captured my sentiment. ;) What a week!!! Oh my word! It could best be described as the "week of judgment".

To this day, I find it so insane how we, who call ourselves God's loved children, can be so unfathomably unloving.

The grandest of ironies really.

People loved by the God of grace...incapable of extending forgiveness and unmerited favor.

People cherished by the God of "neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female"...distinguishing based on DNA, association, status...

Pawns more than powerhouses...  Pride, assumption, prejudice...

Why, God? Why???

Probably because satan is really good at his job...and humans are amazingly terrible at misplacing agreement with his lies.

The added frustration, I must admit, is that I picked up the attack and wore it for a while. Letting it completely knock the wind out of me. Permitting myself judgment in return. Viewing myself as isolated in the storm. Robbing myself of the security that comes from truly identifying one's self as Abba's child regardless of what comes. Sigh.

So...back to the drawing board. Standing for truth, extending grace...getting my own act together. never lacks for drama. ;)


Amy said...

Have you read Philip Yancey's, "What's So Amazing About Grace?" I'm guessing you probably have. My Bible Study group read the book and did the DVD study a few years ago. Grace, and how to LIVE it, has been a reoccurring theme of my group for some time now. Grace is what set Christianity apart from any other religion in the world; it's what has the power to draw people in. And, yet, it's what we struggle with the most...particularly, I think, amongst ourselves.

Sarah said...

I haven't!!! I certainly will! Thank you! :)