Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Real Strength

Here he is! :) I'm not going to embarrass him too much, but I have to comment on at least one thing!!! (OK...we all know it's one of many to come. Hehe.) You know where this picture is taken? At a wedding that I officiated this weekend.

Yep...this man actually encourages me in my calling, prays for me in my assignments and challenges, and stands with me!

You have no idea the blessing this is. I've dealt with men who have convictions about women in ministry (which I respect as some have respected mine), other men who found it intimidating, and still others who have been just plain cruel and critical...all summing up to a load of rejection over the years.

This man???...he's a "wild at heart" man. He has authentic strength and doesn't need me to be less for him to be more. Because of that, I feel like I can open my heart most fully and be my true self....and...yep, support him in his calling too.

Wow. Just Wow. :)