Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yep, He's a Keeper

I just had to survive a winter camping trip with my high schoolers. If you know me...ya, not my cup of tea. Haha! It was great fun though!!! We had to alter the plans when the -20 degree temps were paired with serious winds, but the times we were out were fabulous!!

That man-friend was one of the chaperones. So awesome...he's an expert at pretty much everything, including survival...but I was a little freaked at times about how my survival appearance must have looked. I'm guessing words like "horrific" and "nightmare" flooded his mind with background sounds from Psycho. Hehe. Some girls struggle with feeling insecure in those situations, and I definitely had moments.

When he was dropping me off at home last night, we talked about how this was a good experience for us, seeing each other in tough situations. I made a reference to my crazy appearance...he commented that he has now seen me with frozen snot-cicles, rooster hairs in every direction and eating skills like someone who's "challenged"...and that he loves me even more.

HAHAHAHA! Yep, he's a keeper. ;)

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