Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Our Responses REALLY Say?

We reveal our true, heart-born understanding of redemption in our responses to others.

Truly...it's been a heck of a year of learning this. Some through the hardship of judgmental abandonment. Some through the celebration of community investment.

I've been bumping into it lately with a particular response to a typically happy situation. A happy situation!!! So bizarre! A few who cannot let someone's old story be just that...their OLD story. Instead of celebrating who God is and His profound redemptive work, they spew bitterness and flex their control muscles.

Makes me so sad...for them!!

I get the need for accountability and boundaries and all that...but WOW!! Given a good amount of time??...with demonstration of repentance and God's restorative work???

What healing have we not known ourselves that makes us incapable of extending grace? What freedom has been forgotten that we exchange God's lenses of love and potential for unforgiveness, gossip and pride? What makes us evaluate our own old stories as superior to another's, giving us a grand pedestal from which to point fingers?

Sad. So sad.

Good reminder for me...that's not how I want to behave anymore. Never, Ever Again.

And so...that said...CONGRATULATIONS!!! God's peace and blessing be on those who get back up after a fall and find themselves fuller and freer than before!

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