Thursday, February 25, 2016

Paradigm Shift for this Gal

Oh man....last night's class (Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind) was really convicting for me. There was so much balance and truth in it...and it totally pushed on some difficulties I've had in trying to make sense of or make peace with some of the challenges of life.

One of my biggest weaknesses when encountering a particularly difficult turning my focus to what it seems God ISN'T doing or what I can't see Him doing.

Staying in that place so often leads me to judgment and anger...which impacts my view of who God is...which directly impacts my sense of who I am in the situation...and usually takes me out of the equation of being fully present to the situation and potentially having a positive role of impact.

Sigh, sigh, sigh....

It's not that we should live in denial of the pain, grief, frustration and confusion. Feeling is so very important. It's more that, as the teaching suggested, we need to pull our hurt close and then sit in the reality of who God really is and has been in our history with Him. In that moment, we offer Him praise. Truly, it settles our hearts in His hands and places us in the position to receive shalom-peace. We are then, as an automatic implication of embracing His true nature, reminded and/or released into a deep sense of who we really are in (and to) the situation. Empowered to fight the enemy finish well.

Quite a challenge for me. Man, I need to sit in this for a long while.

God is so good.

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