Monday, April 10, 2017

Great Sermon Challenge

Hubs and I went to Woodland Hills Church on Sunday for what I thought was a Q&A/debate on Boyd's new book about the God of the Old Testament reconciled with Jesus. It ended up that I misunderstood the timing, so we had the opportunity to be a part of the service instead. Fantastic sermon by a visiting pastor, Bruxy Cavey.

The sermon offered great advice for creating a genuine, safe place for the sharing of differing opinions, wonderful challenge to be followers of Jesus and not just followers of the Bible, and of course continued discussion of Boyd's proposal regarding the God of the Old Testament.

We absolutely loved it.

Here is the link. On the right side of the site are options for audio and video. Also, there are tabs below for the sermon slides that accompanied the sermon. Enjoy!

Bruxy Cavey Sermon at Woodland Hills

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