Friday, April 21, 2017

Religious Woes of Christianity

"As with most religions, [Christianity] has set itself up as the guardian of the knowledge of good and evil rather than the example of how to transcend the knowledge of good and evil by living in love."

Whoa, baby! What a sting! And I, of course, absolutely love it!!!

The quote comes from Repenting of Religion: Turning from Judgment to the Love of God by Greg Boyd. It is a wonderful challenge (to those who refer to themselves as "Christian") to not live from an identity that is propped up by knowledge but to return to a life lived from the reality of the Trinity and the love received from God. The implications of "rightness" are massive, often sacrificing the "first" call to love. And, of course, a tragic implication is to rob faith of its primary design for relationship with the Trinity and instead create a box of religion to fit into and judge from...

Jesus never came to set up a religion...

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