Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh my...sigh...I couldn't agree with Greg Boyd more on this one.

Greg Boyd's Blog

I can't say how God feels about all war. Some seems just. What I can't stand is how some people spiritualize things that aren't necessarily connected to anything. Science speaks...

"Federal records show that while mass animal kills don't hap...pen every day, they aren't nearly as rare as some folks think. In just the past eight months, the U.S. Geological Survey's National Wildlife Health Center in Wisconsin has recorded 95 mass wildlife die-offs in North America.

On that list are 4,300 ducks that were killed by parasites in Minnesota, 900 turkey vultures that drowned in the Florida Keys and 2,750 sea birds that died a mysterious and as yet unexplained death in California.

On average, USGS numbers show that 163 mass animal kills are reported to the federal government every year. In the past some have been much larger than the 3,000 blackbirds in Arkansas. In the summer of 1996 more than 200,000 ducks died of botulism in Canada."

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