Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Follow the Music Trail

One of the avenues towards peace that God has wired into me is allowing my heart to sink into a song. Music has a way of accessing my heart...sneaking past cognitive barriers to the deeper places. Man, I've met God in those places because of it.

This song came to mind last night...right out of God's playbook regarding "Sarah"...so I've been leaning into it. Simply fantastic.

If you want to give it a try, just click play...close your eyes...breathe deeply...and see where you end up. We all have an imagination of sorts, so let it do its thing along to the music! I usually begin to picture myself with Jesus (like a peaceful scene in nature or something similar that is "you") and let it play out like a story. Before you begin, though, ask the Holy Spirit to join you in the moment. He loves these private meetings. ;) You won't necessarily get answers for your current storm, but you will gain a solidness...a surer footing...the kind that comes from intimacy with the divine.

Enjoy...a mystic moment. ;)


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