Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hand-Over-Mouth Day

I'll tell ya what...I'm so glad my filter for my mouth is working today. Haha! If it wasn't...oh dear...I think I'd be shredding people left and right.

What I'd be saying??

* Do you EVER shut UP???
* I see a job title. But...what exactly DO you DO???
* Of course you are the expert on everything! Sure!
* Stop being the victim!!!
* Your drama gives me throat vomit. No lie!
* I don't want to see FOUR MILLION pictures of your cat!!!
* It ain't all about you. Heck no.
* Deal. With. It.
* ...

All that followed by...well...perhaps an expletive or four.

BUT...nope. Mouth-filter. Yep...effective mouth-filter.

Umm...for now. ;)

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