Sunday, February 17, 2013

Modern Meets Post-Modern

We all have strengths. It's one of God's favorite things to do when He's thinking us up. Helping us discover and release those gifts is His next delight. :) And it's not limited to individuals. He gives strengths to communities...particular convictions, perspectives, missions, visions... A beautiful tapestry.

Here's one that I wrestle with. An asset and a challenge at the same time. StrengthsFinder calls it "harmony". Basically, I find myself analyzing conflicts, "sides", convictions, etc. for the nuggets of truth, areas of strength...realms of common ground. My hope is to understand the most basic roots of its formation to glean any original truth that can build bridges to unite otherwise conflicting camps. Why?...there is usually a unified mission underneath all of the distracting drama that is uniquely possible because of the diversity.

Maybe you can see the asset in that. I bet you can also see why it gets me in heaps of trouble. People who view themselves as proponents and opponents don't like nudges toward common ground.

They are each "right", you see. ;)'s the thing. I wish...from a deeply good-hearted place...that the "modernists" and the "post-modernists" could harmonize. Honestly...left to themselves they are incomplete and as such can quickly lack substance. They don't think so, but if they really looked at themselves, they'd see that they cannot stand alone. Together...they could be a beautiful blend of truth + "real" + amalgam that actually yields a living faith.

How to present this without the reactions that put up barriers to maturity...Sigh. Let me know when you've got that one figured out.

Oh how they need each other...and need to respect each other.

As far as I see it right now...the ones that figure out the balance of the two...they will be the living church of tomorrow.

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