Monday, June 10, 2013

Fear and the Resting Place

I've been listening to a sermon by Bill Johnson called "The Resting Place". It's actually refreshing to hear as it can be so easy to focus on "signs and wonders" aspects of kingdom life but totally neglect the true source of all that...the resting place. I'm actually delving a bit more into that concept in my Jesus study because He's doing that constantly...entering that place of shalom-peace to reconnect with the Trinity and refresh one's soul.

Anyway, one of the things Johnson mentions in the sermon really caught my attention. It related to fear and the resting place. He cautioned that entertaining fear in one's life directly limits the move of the Holy Spirit in and through us. The degree we don't take our fear to the resting place is correlated to the degree we limit the experience of His presence in the fearful situation and become an obstacle to the release of His solutions.


Lesson?...go to the resting place. it.

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