Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jesus101...Thinkings #2

Well...WOW! Delving more into who Jesus is continues to amaze me. Today, I heard a beautiful sermon on more of His powerful approach to people. So very shocking...and so very special. :)

Think about it...He actually allowed the possessed, the tax collectors and the prostitutes into His life. He even invited Himself over to their houses for dinner!! He touched the lepers and the dead to bring healing and life. Now, you and I might not find that so controversial in concept, but in the face of the religion of the area, this was hugely grotesque. To the religious leaders and the "devout", these actions were completely unclean. "Contaminating" one's self in such ways was UNACCEPTABLE. Never mind that people were being set free...

Yep, that's my Jesus. Every single heart worth His pursuit...

And now something makes sense...People caught in the snare of self-righteousness and "keeping up appearances" can't honestly stomach this King or fully participate in bringing His kingdom life. He's willing to get His hands dirty and forsake His reputation for the sake of freedom and healing...and that's just simply unacceptable to the comfy, safe "church".

It begs the I willing to do what Jesus did with the "unclean" of our day?

Goodness...He came for me in my worst of the worst...and He calls me forward every day. Here's to getting on board with His ways for the sake of others.

Yay for MORE! :)

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