Sunday, June 2, 2013


I'll tell ya what. I absolutely despise gossip. For whatever reason, there are people who can't resist. Truly...poor expression of humanity.

Man, it was a bad ending to my school year with that sort of behavior. Spinning things. Totally lying. It was bad. was so hard to not be too rocked by it.

What gets me, though, is adults. Christian adults. they pretend they aren't a part of it...right to your face...but behind your back...knife in position.


So...for is absolutely foolish to place trust with a gossip. Yep, I draw huge boundary lines when I find that sad state to be true. Less vulnerability. No confidence. More preservation. Gotta do it...and apparently, gotta do it again. :(

Here's to summer!!...a more gossip-free zone!! Dear God, let it be so!

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