Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well...I'm not the smartest cookie in the jar. There's a shocker. Without fail, I continue to forget the very basic...and really pay for it later.

I'm working on getting back in shape. It's v-ball season, people...it's time. I decided to go biking this weekend for a little variety. Right before I left, I decided to call my brother Jay to see if he wanted to go. Boy, am I so glad I did!!!


Because I decided to not bring any proper hydration...stupid...to also not eat enough before leaving...stupidER...and to bring a nice bottle of Diet Coke for refreshment...#@$%. At the end of our fantabulous trip...yep, I passed out.

Completely fell over...

The good news is that we had actually stopped when I finally toppled...and I only hurt my pride. Jay to the rescue of course...I was completely out of it and he educated me accordingly.

Next time...I'll be a little smarter. (crossing fingers...hehe)

Thanks, Jay! :)

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