Monday, May 28, 2012

Peter's Drums

When it comes to church, I have to say I much prefer the front row. Left side, specifically. It isn't so much that I need to be close to all the action. It's more that I love to be right by the drums. That's where they are, you see. Front, left corner. I love to feel the rhythm in my rib cage.

What I love even more??

When one of the drummers...Peter...plays.

He's an amazing drummer. There's no doubt about that. But, more than that, he's a worshiper. He's able to actually enter the music, disconnect from all the technical focus...and lift off. Beyond's all heart. And it's absolutely magical. Not that I watch him all the time...I have to worship in my own way too. Sometimes, though, I get to pause and take it all in...and I realize that God actually designed him to do that. He was born to drum...and when He does so...and especially when he lets his heart be unleashed in the midst of it...I can actually feel the pleasure God has for him.

Oh my's the same for us all!!! Each of us has a design that longs to...that needs released...and God, in our willingness to risk and JUMP IN, delights in our unveiling.

Mm-hmm. It's a part of "original glory"!...the first true thing about being human. So, what's yours? Have you entered that adventure? God wants to show you...and it's going to be wonderful!!!

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