Saturday, December 15, 2012

Looking Back...Looking Ahead

Wow! 2012 was truly what I set out to make it!!

 The Year of CHANGE!!

I was so unfathomably restless at the end of 2011. I absolutely had to have a change. I knew I wasn't taking the steps necessary to "become" more of who I'm made to be, and I was finally fed up enough!! I set out to close some of the doors to projects and challenges that I had started long ago. It was so hard, but we did it!! I had to wave the white flag of surrender on some relationships. It was so, so, so very hard, but we did it! I took on some new opportunities and began that grand adventure of exploration into the next chapter of "Sarah".

I'll tell ya what. It was all worth it!! Still looking ahead to more...hopes, dreams, goals, fresh starts...but right now, this girl knows a completion and fullness I didn't know a year ago. It's pretty much...wonderful.


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