Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wise Leaders

I've been noticing something about leadership. A trait that contributes to a greater effectiveness. An indication of maturity...

Listening to other perspectives.

Asking questions about why those other opinions exist.

I know that seems like a "no-brainer", but truly...there are a TON of leaders (myself included) who find it easier to believe that their own way is THE way. How they see it is how it they dismiss disagreement pretty easily.

Turns out...not so wise.

I'm becoming more and more convinced of it all the time. Greater impact...influence...comes from a more thorough understanding of varying perspectives...ESPECIALLY those that differ from your leanings. offers an indication of honor...respect for others. provides the leader with a greater depth of comprehension for wiser decisions.

Man...I wish I was more willing to learn this in my early years of leading. Water under the bridge, I guess. And wow...there are some "youngins" I wish I could impress upon...but alas...we all have our life lessons. Sigh.

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