Monday, December 3, 2012

Messy Beautiful

* Based solely on a couple of interactions of late. In most of my circles, the negative aspects of this blog aren't the norm...and I thank God for that CONSTANTLY.

It's really striking how some approach the sin of others. Striking because it's like they think they have none of their own OR clearly put all sin on a scale of "least to greatest" (with their own being "least").

Don't get me wrong. Obviously, sin is a serious thing. ALL sin. We all need accountability and need to grieve the losses that come with it...both in our own perpetration and the assaults by others. God is good to bring repentance and healing.

But...for some...well, reactions betray real beliefs about sin. I find it so sad!


Well...the truth is...God's not running a behavior modification program where all of his "followers" are most importantly noted for being prim and proper. Give me a break!!! That belief system produces shame-based legalists and ginormous hypocrites. You can't ever measure up...not unless you are bathed in pride.

Appearances first. Hearts later.

Bandaids over bullet holes.

The power of the Gospel is seen in what is called the "messy beautiful". People in that imperfect journey that exposes the broken places and unleashes true identity and destiny...all at the same time! It's disturbing AND breath-taking to behold.

The former beats the crap out of you until your dying day and in so doing reminds self how much more superior he or she really is as compared to the "sinner".

The other?? He or she grieves...with you, for you, sometimes because of you...but in the right time helps you stand once again...with surer footing and more authentic strength. That's grace...and...that's JESUS.

The Messy Beautiful are REAL people. They have real problems and real strengths. They have desires and delights...and struggles and sins. But they are open, and they are honest. And because of that...they are MOVING! They are actively becoming more fully Jesus when He had skin on...and in that grand unveiling, they are realizing that they aren't simply being pressed into the molds of "followers". They are being set free to be the sons and daughters of the God of the embrace.

Man, that's where I hope God is taking me! That's the kind of girl I plan to be for others. AND...that's what I'm so thankful for in my community. Yep...Messy Beautiful. :)

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