Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Independence Has Its Drawbacks

Oh my goodness, I frustrate myself sometimes!! I have a really strong independent streak. Oh lordy, mixed with stubbornness. Don't get me wrong! Sometimes it's a huge asset. Other times...oh my...I can be a real pain in my own arse.

So...I have this weird habit of painting a room in my house after a break-up. Some sort of therapeutic activity to clear the head. Usually, though, it's some psycho, emotionally-driven choice of color. My dining room turned blood red after one. My bathroom turned midnight blue (i.e. almost black).


Well, over time, I've become accustomed to the red "pop" of color and actually like it. The bathroom, though, has been a nightmare. So very dark that doing hair and makeup has become an issue.

So...it was time for a change.

Now, paint is one thing. A nice purple-grey color. Everything else I did...or un-did...well, that's another story. I decided that it must not be too hard to change a ton of other things. Without thought that I may need some advice from the "experts", I ripped down towel racks and chair rail and on and on and on.

Why???...because I was sure that I could fix it all...BY MYSELF.

Wow...big mistake.

Cutting chair rail is not easy!! When a girl realizes she's afraid of saws...it's especially impossible! ;) Screwing in these weird fixtures that support towel racks...not easy either!! Shouldn't it be easier??? Apparently not if you want any weight-bearing capabilities!! No, you have to drill stuff and nail stuff and screw stuff...

So...as I like to call it...Daddie911 to the rescue. ;)

Yep, my Dad came over and cut stuff and nailed stuff...working with all the wrong materials that I purchased because I lacked the sense to ask anyone else...and I "assisted" (which means that I handed him tools and gave myself an internal lecture on being less stupid...).

Lesson learned???...oh, I wouldn't be surprised at another idiotic move on my part some day down the road. For now?????...I'll look into asking for help a bit more often...maybe. Ok, yes! Yes, I'll definitely try to possibly utilize others for wisdom and skill when I have absolutely less than 15% potential of figuring it out on my own. Ok...30%.

Lord, I'm hopeless. Hehe.

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