Monday, March 4, 2013

Kingdom People

I had an odd experience the other day while watching a documentary on the history of the English monarchy. (Yep, "nerdville" but I love it.) It was a story about how one of the kings united the people against the pompous noblemen to reclaim the country. The narrator made this odd statement, so I kept rewinding in case I was missing it.

"The battle would be the kingdom people versus the fact-cats."

What??? That made no sense. I finally turned on the subtitles and saw that I was totally messing it up.

All the while, though, I kept feeling this prompting in my heart...I was hearing it exactly how He wanted me to hear it.


"Kingdom People versus the Fact-Cats"

You know what??? There is SO much truth there!

Living as sons and daughters of the good Father, bearing the responsibilities of His kingdom, having access to all of the resources of heaven. Truth bathed in relationship...King and His People.

THAT reality...OR...a life spent making sure one has an ironclad belief system with all of the propositional truths in order... Security in the "facts" and formulas of things...

Two vastly different ways to live. One deep and wild. The other small and safe. One stepping out. The other holing up. One dancing in grace. The other suffocating in fear.

It's been a good reminder for me especially in the face of challenges to the heart. A moment to remember who He has made us to be. People who do hard things, who sacrifice because His love is that worth it, who believe in holiness absent of legalism, who bring the weight of who we are in Him to a precious world. Enormously challenging but unfathomably exciting all the same.

Here are some inspiring kingdom people. Beyond the issue of adoption, it's truth about kingdom living...

New Film Premiere - I Like Adoption. from on Vimeo.