Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let the Grid Go...

We all likely have our "people"...particular groups of "them" that shape the grid through which we see the world. Because of negative experiences with a few of "their kind", we build assumptions and apply liberally.

Not necessarily with accuracy...not necessarily with wisdom...

Oh, those grids.

Truly, there is a problem with some of the lenses through which we choose to see others. We construct them more from "reaction" than wise "response" to the tough things we experience. Walls of defense to insulate ourselves from further pain rather than true paths to healing.

So...what happens when our grid gets challenged? What happens when we meet a "them" that doesn't fit the grid rules and assumptions? Someone who's, well...good. Not perfect but genuinely good-hearted.

Oh my Lord...I'll tell ya what happens. You freak out!!! Yep!...scary!! In a good way though! We are offered a challenge to let the grid go.

It turns out the Father actually wants us to dare to see the world through His eyes. Bathed in His grace, exercising His wisdom...a freeing of our "free will" to make choices uninhibited by the influences of wounds and instead delighting in the ways of the Father.

Breaking those grid rules left and right. Haha! Oh dear...

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