Thursday, March 21, 2013

When Kiddos Cry

One of the biggest challenges for me in working with kids is witnessing the sad challenges they have to face. Things that were completely out of their control...but utterly life-altering and heart-breaking. Things young hearts should never have to ask.

"I don't understand why my Mom had to die."

And I'm undone...

It's an experience I begin to understand with my Mom's cancer battle. Her diagnosis snapped my heart in two. Watching her cruel suffering ripped me open. If I would have lost her...I can't even imagine...

So, I understand the "why" questions. And...I understand that all the answers in the world can't wipe the tears away...

It's "presence" that helps. Presence from people who will listen, who will stay... (Great reminder from a friend! Thanks!) And ultimately...a place we must go if we want real peace...receiving "presence" from God. Sitting with Him (sometimes wrestling with Him), letting Him listen... With time, we find that He bestows a mysterious peace. Not the kind that numbs our love for our lost one. Peace that validates the love...honors the us permission to not have to understand everything. And then we find that one day we can breathe again.

He's just plain that good.

So...being the emotionally-wired girl that I am, it's a day of feeling her pain. I guess it puts me in a great place to pray though. Assignment of the day. :) If you could too, I'd so appreciate it!


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