Sunday, March 10, 2013

Knives, Feet and Thoughts

I have to laugh at myself...well, all the time. ;) I'm not the most logical person on the planet. Sure, I have my "Sarah" logic, but I find it can be a bit limited compared to normal logic. What can I say?...I'm more emotional than rational.

Well, my lack of logic has me thinking about another subject. Right Solutions, that is.

I've had this little, recurring problem of late involving myself and kitchen knives. On more than one occasion now I've set knives on the counter after cutting up veggies and the like but have placed them in such a position that my continued activity knocks them off the counter to the floor...where my sock-covered feet are!!! It has happened enough times that I actually began to ponder a potential solution.

Enter the "Sarah" logic...

I've been wondering if I should perhaps be wearing shoes while I work in the kitchen.

I was recounting this to a friend last night...actually listening to my fascinating logic as the words flew out of my mouth...and I got a terrible case of giggles.

Umm...Is that REALLY the right solution??? Hahahaha!

Perhaps placing said knives in a safe location after use would be more appropriate. took me a month to realize the better way... (And no one's shocked...)

It has me thinking though. When I look at my life and the bigger quandaries I I really using the right solution? Or just the easiest way? The temporary or surfacy fix? Is my solution actually creating more problems? What's really the right solution?

Hmm...something this girl has to consider.

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