Tuesday, August 12, 2014

God in the Questions

I posted a blog yesterday wondering about married life, and God...I shouldn't be surprised...has showered me with His "view" in so many ways. Some in response to what I wrote. Thank you!!! Others without any knowledge!! Two friends texted me yesterday afternoon with some things they felt God was saying...and they had no clue I was in "ponder" mode. Great wisdom, encouragement and direction to just keep leaning on Him. God THROUGH people...so special. I also received a "random" link in my Facebook feed today...a blog about balance. And...my times with Him in the morning have been wonderful invitations to sit inside some powerful passages of Scripture. Peace with Him...God WITH us. :)

So...I say "Ponder Away!!!"...and let God meet you there. :)

One day at a time...one divine delight at a time... :)

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