Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who Knows...He Does

I overheard a conversation today about the death of Robin Williams. One of the people made a comment that struck at my heart. He said that he knew the actor wasn't a "believer" and then commented about how sad it was that he likely wasn't in heaven.


I just can't do that...make sure assessments like that.

My sister Debbie has had a lot of experience with people in their last moments via her job with hospice. She says all the time that the moment of death is so very sacred. She has experienced time and again the sense that the person in the process of departing is interacting with the divine beyond our comprehension. I witnessed my own Gramma definitely experiencing something of heaven in her process of dying. She continually reached out and smiled. Holy encounters free of the limitations of earthly constraints.

So...no...I can't make a statement like that when the reality beyond our physical reality is so much more of...everything...and everything we really need.

I'm all for people knowing and loving the Jesus I do...and I'm going to do what I can to hopefully show people who He is while I'm here. Other than that, I'll entrust it to that very same Jesus to meet people here and on their way to the beyond and to do what He does best...pursue the hearts of mankind.

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