Monday, August 18, 2014

Letting Go...Painful

One of those tricky moments...ugh.

The kind where there aren't really words that can...and maybe even uttered. Trapped between the need to support and release and a whole lot of concerns about the whole person. I don't know...those moments when enough experience actually contributes to a lack of peace...

I'm working hard to not let satan do what he does best...introduce fear, suggest hurt or insult, inspire frustrations. Sigh. Standing against the things that can become a negative foothold but still processing the reality of loss.

Change in Especially when it comes to people you love.


Here's to kingdom realities that can...and hopefully will...trump the potential for negative across the board.

We need to be people who intentionally bring His goodness. We need to see people as more than minds and bodies. We need to take the whole person seriously, and as such, we need to also invest in the heart. True "becoming" is unleashed in the nurture and encouragement of the whole person. No particular system is perfect at it...but the Holy Spirit is. God, have Your way.

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