Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sing...before you hit someone. ;)

Do you ever have one of those days (in my case...weeks) where you deal with the "arses" more than your typical??? Gosh, it seems like it's a "coming out" party for the elitists, narcissists and overall "Me-Me" types. You know, the ones who need everything to revolve around them. They're EVERYWHERE! Usually I can just roll the eyes and deal...mostly because I know my own faults too...but I think the "crap cup runneth over" this week. I actually almost snapped yesterday. Thankfully...and junior highers and I happen to be studying "Feel...THINK...Act" in health class. So when I felt the foaming words on the move, I removed myself. Haha! Yowza. And for some reason, music also helps...and shows up at just the right time. I was on my way home late last night, and this song came on. Normally, I wouldn't really enjoy this type of music, but for some reason I cranked it up. Maybe it's the borderline screaming... ;) It is a good reminder, though, to keep on "singing" (i.e. living from our places of passion and continuing to pursue those dreams). We can't ever let frustration define us and/or stop us from becoming...  AHHHH!

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