Monday, September 12, 2011

Ballsy Communication

Ya...after the past few weeks, I'm convinced. It's time for "ballsy" communication.

The truth is that it's not really all that courageous. In reality...our misuse of "relativism" has made us into unfriendly friends. We watch as people we love stand in the burning house of their particular issues...telling other people about what we think about them...but never having the guts to LOVINGLY address it ourselves.

We can't stand the conflict.

And heaven forbid someone get mad at us...because of course the negative feelings we could receive back are totally worse than the person getting swallowed up in their own destruction. (sarcasm absolutely intended).

(And honestly...they do end up hearing about your thoughts on their matter...either from someone else or your own fed-up rage. Umm...that's ridiculous.)

It's inappropriate.

We need to be humble receivers of the concerns of loved ones. Yes, it's possible to absolutely disagree with the critique and still lovingly receive their communication. It's possible to still be friends! Far more open ones.


We need to be humble givers of concern. If we are fully aware of our own struggles...and communicate such...and if we are marked by great love for each other...we can AND SHOULD step into each other's worlds.


And as a person to experience the dysfunctional non-ballsy a perpetrator and a victim...I'm not doing it anymore.

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