Sunday, September 25, 2011

Everyone Needs a "Martha"

So here's the deal...there's a lady in my life that is a blessing. I am absolutely convinced my life would have been seriously deficient for lack of her. She's my Martha. :)

You know what I will always remember about her?

This word.


Live right now. Don't live from then. Don't live for later. Be fully present in this moment.

So often we frame our sense of self and subsequent path of life from the standpoint of what we lack. "I wish I had..." and that therefore means a whole lot about who I'm not, what I'm not, etc. It's not that it's wrong to have desires for change, for new, for more... Nor is it wrong to work towards those things... BUT if those things define, we form wrong self-concepts and make wrong choices...

Martha was married later in life (Later compared to the notion of some that marriage should happen as soon as possible), but she didn't live those single years as a "flawed" lady. She simply lived! She pursued other legitimate passions, went on grand adventures, and was a student of whatever God and her interests brought her way. She lived!

Still does. :)

And I'm privileged to know her story and learn...

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