Sunday, September 25, 2011

Going to the Mattresses

A man was talking about grief today in church. A friend passed away. A good man. A man who actually invested in humanity. The man at church talked about wrestling with God over the matter....choosing to enter into the grief and the mystery.

I find that quite admirable. Someone who is willing to "go to the mattresses" with God...and hold up a broken and confused heart.

It's amazing how some become so threatened by such a notion. Some who think we should never wrestle with Him about anything...either because of an idea of unapproachable holiness or a belief that God isn't responsible in the first place. Some who think that the questioning supposes that God isn't good.


What I heard this morning was a man who wrestled because of the very fact that he DOES believe that God is good. The notion of relationship allowed the bold honesty and the expression of grief. The journey, while perhaps yielding no answers that can soothe the heart, will undoubtedly resolve in an experience of more "presence" and great peace while walking through the mystery.

And I have to admit...

THAT sort of person...who has the courage to go in and come out the other side...becomes someone that I would trust for insight, revelation and challenge when it comes to matters of my heart.

All because of "going to the mattresses" with God.

Side Note: Admittedly, I actually don't think God necessarily directly causes the suffering around us. We live in a broken world with broken people. Earthquakes and car accidents don't need God's manipulation to occur. Although I can see Him doing things that don't make sense in our limitted perspective but for a greater purpose. I'm looking forward to seeing those played out in heaven. Either way, I guess...I do believe that He technically does "allow" things to happen because of His sovereignty. I guess I know that I think that because I have prayed for Him to intervene in some scenarios and have seen it happen. It's the ones that I've prayed for and haven't seen an intervention that have caused my struggles. I have absolutely wrestled with those "why" questions. I have to say, though, that in a similar "entering" as the man in church, I have walked out with that very sense of presence and peace...and humility.

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