Saturday, September 10, 2011

MY Blog

So...apparently my blog causes a bit of drama from time to time. I guess it's one of the bummers of writing your "life" and thoughts. You get a couple "maybe she's talking about me" readers, and it's downhill from there.

Seriously...umm...I don't blog to send top secret messages. That's...well...weird. My blog is my thoughts...right or not. MY life...right or not. ME. I don't know who all reads it...and those that do?...well, good grief!...I certainly wouldn't send messages in passive-aggressive code.

For a split second I contemplated taking my blog down...but then I realized that'd be a punishment to self based on drama. Nope. Then I thought about making it private and doing that "invite only" thing...but then I realized I'd have to invite (and not invite) people. Let's be honest...that'd crack open a GINORMOUS can of worms that I just plain don't want. Nope. Then I thought I'd change it and only write what never rocks the boat. Holy crap!...that'd be a trip back into a nightmare. NOPE. So then I decided that I'd still keep it open and be as real as I want...and "damn the torpedoes"...

...but say this...

I'm going to say what I want...and I might be inconsistently appropriate...but I'm not using this site for the purpose of "agenda". It's for MY thoughts and MY processing of MY life. So, for those that think it's to be subversive to specific all means...please stop reading! Goodness...I want you to feel better about yourself!

Ok...back to regular programming in my boring life. ;)

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