Monday, September 5, 2011

I am "Stands with a Fist"

It's true. If you've seen the movie "Dances with Wolves", you know what I'm talking about. When she describes how she was given that name...ya, I felt a twinge of God saying "Umm, that's you." HAHA! I was telling my mom about it, and she said "Well, of course, you are!...You got it from your mother!" HAHAHAHA!

Stands With a Fist: [explaining how she got her name] I worked every day... very hard... there was a woman who didn't like me. She called me bad names... sometimes she beat me. One day she was calling me these bad names, her face in my face, and I hit her. I was not very big, but she fell down. She fell hard and didn't move. I stood over her with my fist and asked if any other woman wanted to call me bad names... No one bothered me after that day.

John Dunbar: [smiles] I wouldn't think so.

The positive is that there is some strength there. The negative...some stubbornness. BUT...that's just determination in the wrong direction. (See, I can spin anything...hehe.)

Ok, then.

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