Saturday, November 24, 2012

The "No Gossip" Girls!

Oh how valuable those friendships are...the ones free of gossip. I'll tell ya...knowing I'm sharing my thoughts and feelings with someone who will NOT pass them on...well, it's pure gold for this girl. 

It's been a yucky run of finding myself hearing about things I've shared in confidence with others...from entirely different sources. Not pleasant...not when you value your privacy...and appreciate the honor and respect of confidentiality.

How the gossipy types still get away with it? Other than people who refer to them as individuals you shouldn't tell your heart's secrets to...and now I know. Sigh. 

Blah, blah...

TODAY!!! I had one of the best, "wide open spaces" conversations. Totally a two-way respect. And I walked away feeling peaceful, rest. 

They exist, people! The "No Gossip" Girls! :)

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