Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When Sin Comes At Ya

Note: These are just some of my thinkings prompted by a situation at church. Whether allegations are true or not (praying things will become clear with time), it is a good reminder to stop and consider our reactions/responses any time we encounter sin...other's...our own...

Note #2: Grief is a real and necessary process. I believe wholeheartedly in embracing the journey to healing when hurt by another. Getting stuck isn't a good idea. Living in reaction (see previous post) isn't God's ideal. Being free to be real, though...wonderfully good. So, for those reading this that are grieving, keep on keeping on! I pray you will find God's "with" presence and find yourself longing to gaze where He is gazing.


First of all, let me say a HUGE "Thank You" to the majority of brothers and sisters in Christ from area churches who have overwhelmed us with support. Whether true or not, allegations alone can really rock a community, and sadly, the church at large doesn't always have a reputation for love and grace. Recent experience has shown me, though, that the remnant is in full force. Your kindness, encouragement to keep going strong, and space to face this free of judgment are a BLESSING!! In Christ, no one is alone. What a beautiful response!!

Every now and then, though, I run into people...only a handful...who aren't very good at being brothers and sisters in Christ. The anger of grief is one thing (and totally acceptable and understandable), but with only a few words some others reveal their pride, legalism, divisiveness... I feel so, so badly for people like that. Imagine how they view themselves in the face of their own sin...horrifying. And how inhibited others are to be authentic in struggle when in their very tragic. Sadly, it's usually heartbreaking wounding in their own life (that and/or an enormous pride) that creates the Pharisaical approach. A sad facade...unpleasant reaction.

What I'm most concerned about is how grief over the possibility of sin in another can cause people to question their own freedom or healing. They can let their mind spin enough to rob them of their new life. Steps backwards in their "becoming". You know what?'s not a place we have to linger in for very long. While no one is promised immunity, we can choose the way of humility and continue in our journey. We can pause and take account of how our hearts are doing when it comes to sin and enter into repentance for areas found wanting. Maintaining relationships of accountability helps in preserving humility. That person who will help you see when you are playing with fire. And best of all...we don't have to journey alone. Embrace fellowship with the body!! Community inspires the release of true identity and destiny. Friends "becoming" together.

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