Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Connected to your Body

I've been thinking about leadership a lot lately. I'm a "Self Smart" person, so I have a natural introspection...prompting me to evaluate my own styles and patterns. I'm a pretty good strategizer too. Combining the two, I often find myself trying to figure out ways to improve myself or situations I'm in. In my involvements in a few arenas, I've been noticing some things about leaders and doing some wonderings about myself in my areas of influence and about the leaders I serve with or under.

And I've noticed something...

A leader is far more effective...in the long-run...if they are connected to the "body" they serve. Perhaps...more accurately...if they are perceived as interested in or engaged in the lives of those they lead. Surely, some leaders can swoop in, inspire and swoop out, but the impact isn't necessarily lasting...and it doesn't build community and corporate purpose/mission. What makes "lifers"...those committed to the vision or program...is simple, genuine relationship.

So, I guess I've been evaluating that a bit. Asking myself questions about who/how/what I even know about the people I serve (and how/if the leaders in my life do the same). Granted, we can't always be "best friends"...but are there ways we can show individual investment more?

Hmm...something in that strengthens a position of leadership. I think it provides a solid foundation of confidence in leadership...contributing to trust in times of change or movement.

And lack thereof...well, you know...not so good.

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