Thursday, August 11, 2011

Overwhelmed but Funny

I have a point of "No Return" when it comes to bizarre circumstances. I can experience such a sensory overload that I am totally incapable of focusing on whatever I'm supposed to. What's a girl to do? ;)

I was at the bakery with Steph the other day. Great convo, FYI. :) Anyway, later in the conversation, an 80-yr-old man walked in. He was wearing a women's scoop-neck shirt...but was clearly not...umm...a cross-dresser. Eh-hem. was a little visually distracting. Then, came the overwhelming odor!! I can only describe it as the culmination of every disgusting human odor possible but contained in one body. GROSS! was a little nasally distracting. THEN, there came the hacking cough Steph pointed out...was "spewing his diseases all over the bakery". was a little auditorily distracting. But it doesn't end there....Ohhhhhh no! He proceeded to take a stack of napkins and wipe the stinky sweat off himself...AND THEN PUT THE USED NAPKINS ON OUR TRAY!!

Let's just say that "focus" was utterly impossible for this girl. Ya...we had to leave.

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