Sunday, July 8, 2012


There's a kiddo (ok, like 21...but to this oldie that's kiddo) in my life that tends to text me in the middle of the night with questions about life...and the occasional hormonal girl. So we discuss different thoughts on those subjects...and then I go back to bed. ;) One of those topics was destiny...and boy, does it have me thinking.

I used to believe that destiny was a very specific plan or order of events that a person was meant to experience. Screwing things up at any point, then, could mean that a person missed their destiny. It made sense at the time because my understanding of God was very much influenced by performance-orientation. He was solely about the mission...and thus about tasks in moments.

God, Himself, threw a wrench into my whole theory about destiny though. He revealed that He is centrally relational...and beyond that, interested in a "with" sort of life with humanity. Emmanuel, "God with us", after all. Mission, obviously, was important, but it seemed now to most naturally (and supernaturally) flow out of knowing God in the relational sense.

And so destiny... framed in that context...seemed to necessitate a different explanation.

Instead, it seems to be more a call to divine relationship...a destined where two hands write a marvelous life story. One author being God. And the other being...You. A story written with Him.

Clearly, there would still be the monuments where a soul knows it is meant for a moment...but now there is an added element...essential to true humanity...Creative License. Yep...grand permission (out of the powerful divine experience) to explore.

Which your story with the "With-God" the midst of the life that He shares with and through you as you step into the adventure...where you are at any moment is exactly where you should be.

I'm starting to see it less as something you see ordained before you and more as something you see left behind you like footprints indicating presence.

Hmm...more thoughts to come, I'm sure. ;)

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