Monday, July 9, 2012


‎"I stopped waiting a long time ago, Love. I don't fit in the boxes anymore. I looked back and I grieved but there's no sense in the linger. There's only dancing through the new open door."

I stumbled on these words this morning when I was fumbling once again with puzzlements. I couldn't help but see how they represented my reality as compared to some pretty inaccurate assumptions. Wanting to clarify what life today is really like beyond another's perceptions but knowing that it's absolutely pointless to do so...and so mad that I even care in the first place. Always feeling the fool for friendship...wondering if that's no friendship at all. Goodness...where's my inner Diva when I need her? ;)

So...instead...perhaps I'll just speak to my own heart...remind this girl what's true...and then commence the life that's through that "open door". 

Yep...moving on. :)

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