Monday, July 9, 2012

Which Game Do You Bring?

So...sand volleyball always has me thinking. Somewhat born of frustration but more from the fact that I'm so stinking strategic and can't stop...I'm always looking for ways to improve. The one lately???...the kind of game we tend to bring.

Lately...we default to a defensive game. We receive a serve and immediately hit it back over so the other team can set it up and bring an offensive move. We play a defensive game. Unfortunately, it puts us in the position of hoping we make no mistakes in defense or hope they do in the offense. We aren't bringing the game to them as often as we could. With enough control and planning...we could really bring the offensive game again.

And, of course, I'm thinking beyond the game...there's a life application in there. Are you living in such a way where you are bringing it??? You should. Note to self: I should!! :)

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