Friday, July 20, 2012

Watch Your Footing

I've been noticing something during volleyball. It involves my feet. :) I noticed that my reaction times are way better when I'm standing on the balls of my feet. Little weight on heels. Most on toes. When I'm on my heels, it takes that much longer to react in a play...get my body moving.

Of course, the decision to actively be "on my toes" carries a little discomfort at first. My calves and quads feel a bit of a workout. ;) With some time, though, the position feels just as natural as any other. My legs have grown accustomed to the change.

Not that I'm a perfect player. Oh lord...not close. I'm more prepared, though. Better footing, better position, better reaction...

I'm pretty sure there's an application here. Hehe. "Leaning in" instead of "leaning back". I bet a life lived with better footing has similar results. :)

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