Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clarifying Ministry Focus

What a season of searching! For all kinds of reasons, I've been considering who I am and what I want to stand for as I move forward into ministry opportunities. Three things have surfaced as I've been evaluating...things I likely talk about a lot. Hehe.

1. Abba's Child. I keep coming back to what it truly means to be a child of God. Not just conceptually...true identity owned and unleashed. Moving from phrases like "sinner saved by grace", "believer", "follower", etc. to deeper, relational themes. So exciting.

2. Kingdom Living. I wonder if the church knows what it truly means to be an ambassador of His kingdom, bearing the great privileges and profound responsibilities of living out His kingdom life in every realm within which we operate.

3. Mission-Orientation. I'm not a very evangelism-wired gal, so when I say "mission", I'm not necessarily referring to the typical missionary approach to things. I'm talking about living with a sense of mission...impacting the world around us with our strengths, abilities, passions, and on and on and the simplest to grandest ways. Jumping off #2, it's being an intentional world-changer.

So...I'd like to be a part of something that partners with people to equip them and release them into the MORE. Of course, that begins with myself...moving more and more in my own journey...but then...oh baby...I'd love to serve in that way. :)

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