Monday, May 13, 2013

Prayer FIRST

I'll tell ya what. I've never been more convinced of anything than this. Prayer...and spiritual warfare...are more effective in bringing change than any other strategy. Not necessarily the only method used in the restoration of kingdom life and purposes...but most definitely the required foundation.

Here's why I think it's been difficult for me. Well, first...I'm a "do-er", and prayer doesn't always feel like "doing". Yep, that's Productivity101 for "get it done!". The second, though, and most important and EFFECTIVE distinction is...control. One of the major steps in warfare is the giving of someone you love into God's hands. Major trust issue. Sometimes it is easier to hold on ourselves and do everything we think is wise and needed...forgetting that spiritual eyes submitted to God see better than any other point of vision. Putting us in the position of surrendering and agreeing with God's plan...yet, in our smallness, it's hard to relinquish control in the "saving" of another. Doing so, though, clears ME out of the way of the full release of the Holy Spirit to bring freedom.

Major "Ah-hah" moment for me.

Yep...this girl is convinced. Prayer FIRST...and continued.

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