Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just When You Are Sinking...

I'll tell you what...God's so faithful. If I could tell you the list of situations that are weighing on my heart right'd agree that we all have those moments where it seems like we are sinking. Sometimes it's the stresses of normal life piling up...sometimes it's stuff you have to bear for others...sometimes it's when the sh## hits the fan and you have no control...sometimes it's spiritual warfare...

Nevertheless...just when it seems I am sinking under the weight of it...God shows up.

Sometimes it's a pure sense of His presence. Sometimes it's a miracle. Sometimes it's the kindness of people who care...wise words, loving actions, even the little things.

The problems don't always "poof" away, but my head is suddenly above water.

Yep...He's good. He's "with".

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