Friday, May 24, 2013

Out With A Bang Revisited

HAHAHAHA! Oh my. I was chatting with a couple of teachers today, and a topic came up that I hadn't thought about for years. Something I've really only talked about with a few people so...don't tell. ;)

When I finally had the chance to step back from my position at work to one that was better for my heart and sanity, I did something to officially go "out with a bang". It was a way of saying "Thank God!", "Screw this!" and "Here's to a new day!"...pretty much all in one.

I gathered a few of my trusted friends on staff one evening and had them stand guard at the doors...with their backs I streaked the hallway on rollerblades. Haha! Yep...I had my helmet, I had my wristguards, and I had long streamers on my elbows. Aaaaand...that was it.

No students. No parents. No employees. Just me and my friends...celebrating.

I guess we all need those "out with a bang" moments. At least, I do! Something a bit wild that closes the door to what was before and honors the heart as we look to what's new!

Fun to reminisce. :)

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Nick and Kassie Mayo said...

I want to be you. Awesome!