Friday, May 3, 2013

Selling Water by the River

I believe I'll be taking on a new reading challenge! As soon as I'm done with Manning's memoir, Shane Hipps' book will be the assignment! The life Jesus called us to versus the lesser "religion" we often's a passion of mine too! I so want to be "a tree replanted in Eden" as the Message version of Psalm 1 states. A fuller, eternal

Sounds like it's a bit controversial. I'm sure his material will be instantly misunderstood by some...assuming what he's saying or not without their own study. Certainly, some will say he's a proponent of "all roads lead to God". I'm guessing he's not going there. But...perhaps not reaching some of the same conclusions, I'll relish the challenge to think and step into more of what God has for our hearts!

Jesus certainly didn't come to set up a religion. Likely, that's hard for some to swallow. It's a relief at the same time though! Goodness, it is! Not remotely to be relative or say that what we believe about Christ is unimportant!!!! It's just that His mission was far bigger!!! He came to release us into true Life...and I suspect we so don't understand all the possibilities of that for today.

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