Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The "New" Unity

I grew up in a church that holds a core value of unity in the body of Christ. Historically, it meant encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ from all of the different denominations to grab hands around our common, core Truth...and allowing grace for the lesser disagreements. In a day when Catholics/Protestants or Baptists/Pentacostals all thought the other was "going to hell" was a huge challenge. Still can be. But one well worth it.

Today, though, it seems that unity in the body has other challenges.

Certainly, the younger generation isn't as focused on denominations. They are more disgusted with how the church doesn't appear to "love thy neighbor" and steward the earth. They are leaving because they have reacted to the polarizing power of Democrat vs. Republican and all of the issues that fall into those camps, the pushing of propositional truth over active relationship with Jesus or legalism vs. grace and holiness...dividers of a different sort. (Note: I'm not convinced their reaction and subsequent removal has been correct. They could have brought change in profound response to legitimate observations...sigh.)

It has me thinking about how we can be a united people that once again bring true kingdom life...preserve community...with joint passion for the Christ and commitment to peace in the disagreements.

Like in the early it possible to relate to each other from the truest position of being Abba's children?? Even when it comes to our politics, our approaches to the world, etc...?

I think so.

I hope so.

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