Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boyd regarding Women

I had the opportunity of having Greg Boyd as a college professor. He impacted my faith greatly. Sometimes showing me the relationship possibilities that exist with the Father...but also through challenge...getting me to "own" my faith by responding to his "devil's advocate" arguments. I don't land the same as he does on some issues (open view of the Bible, vegetarian, pacifist...), but I love how he searches Scripture and wrestles with issues. His heart is towards God...great surrender. Here's a sermon he did on the issue of women in ministry. Interesting thoughts.

I personally wrestle with the issue of women as elders...not a ton, but I can see the argument there. Having male elders hasn't hindered me in ministry because my elders really have a healthy view of authority and release women into ministry. I also respect them and want their covering and insight. Hmm. ;)


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